Non-woven is one kind application of synethic fiber, its production combine plastic, industrial chemical, papermaking and spinning and weaving technology principle , unlike the traditional knitting weaving way , therefore called "non-woven". Nonwoven starts from raw material directly to production and come out finish goods as fabric, short process step, big output quantity, high speed and wide range of application characteristic, from the basic item such as hygienic goods like dry or wet napkin, diaper , curtain, construction materials and so on, and high technology item like shell casing of airplane, shell casing of space shuttle, bulletproof clothing, enginnering project, the above mention items are all apply for non-woven products. There are different production technique of Non woven product, such as needle punch, thermo bond, chemical bond, and spunbond, melt blow, water punch, stich bond and etc, spundbond as most common use, and bring nonwoven development as an important technology.

  The early domestic non-woven market is base on low price value product such as dry and wet napkins. Shinih Enterprise develop value added product like vertical fiber, filtration material and so on to meet market's need.

  Shinih Ent. Use polyester fiber and resin as material, similar to non-woven industrial, new development of vertical fiber, excellent supporting, tension, wet drainability and ultra sound absorption and so on, suitable for filling usage, great business opportunity, for resistant to compression heat insulation material and ultra sound-insulated material and good for base material. Become strategy alliance partnership with Lycra, cause strong influence to the downstream bedding industry.

  Shinih enterprise has based all our products on "consumer Insight", in all channels, price, and promotions. We strive to build our products on consumer's point of view, we emphasis our products to with hold our 4C strategy: consumer, convenient, cost, communication. We will expand our global strategy and target to manufacture consumer products , as we distribute the product thru each channel; consumers can find convenient, easy ways to buy our products.

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